Whether you are new to the system, setting up an additional business or just want to make an overhaul to help your setup hit the “sweet spot” and really start bringing in the leads, and convert them, we are happy to help you with your Dubsado setup.

This starter package gives you 5 hours of Dubsado setup time by a dedicated and experienced online marketer, who has over 10 years building successful sales funnels.

Come to us with a fresh setup, or bring the workflows, canned emails and systems you have in place, and we’ll help you piece all the parts together so you’ve got Dubsado running like a well-oiled money-making machine.

We can help with your strategies for lead capture, labelling, workflows and canned emails. We’re also familiar with loads of other complimentary software that can help you capture, process and convert your leads, such as Facebook Ads / Mailchimp / WordPress etc so can help you set up all of these so they talk to each other and automate as much as possible.

Our setup packages are set at $250, and include up to 5 hours of setup work to customise your Dubsado to your business and maximise your sales funnel process.

At the time of booking, we’ll invite you to a 45min free consultation to discuss your needs and shoot you back an action plan. We’ll let you know then and there if we can do the whole lot for the quoted $250, or if we need to delve a little bit further due to the complexities of your business.

How to book:

  1. Simply add this product to your cart and follow the prompts to book in for your 5 hours service using Stripe or PayPal.
  2. We will then email you a link to book in for your free 45min Skype/phone session to work out the exact plan for your business.
  3. In 1-2 days, we’ll come back to you with an action plan and confirmed start state.

This Package Includes

  • 1x 45min consultation via Skype / phone
  • 5 hours of Dubsado customisation
  • Implementation of one lead form on your site.
  • Client portal login installed on your site.
  • 3 part workflow installed into the system if required.