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If you’re running a small business or online store operation, you know how important it is to turn every visitor into a repeat customer. In the brick and mortar world, you’d accomplish that in large part through personal touches that make every visitor feel like a VIP: a greeting at the door, real-time expert opinions on style and fit, and so on.

You can deliver similar personal touches online by using a real-time communication tool like live chat. According to MarTech, 51% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site that offers live chat, and almost half of say they’re more likely to return to a website with a live chat option.

But if you’re running a small business, you’re probably not going to be able to staff a chat channel for more than a few hours per week. Is that enough to make a difference?

Why not consider our team as your Live Chat solution. Jac Bowie has a team of dedicated customer service professionals that will learn the most frequently asked questions and situations and handle your service just as you would. Includes instant leads emailed to you, and monthly reports.

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$100 per month for 25 customer conversations


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