Jac Bowie Travel works with top brands, destinations, hotels and other travel & tourism providers around the world. Through reviews, articles and social media exposure we present brands to their audience in an authentic and engaging way.

We are proud to state that our following, and our audience across all of our social channels and blogs, was grown completely organically. By growing in this way we have created an audience demographic that meets the needs of the brands that work with us.

With the current pandemic and international travel & border restrictions limiting us, having Jac based in Victoria and Loren based in NSW has shifted our focus to regional travel - highlighting road trips, weekenders, family stays, etc.

Our audience is predominantly in Australia, NZ and USA, with purchasing power to buy and use the products we recommend, and visit the destinations that we review! 

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Our Audience:

Instagram 28K
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Twitter: 20.6K
Email Newsletter: 1200
Private Client Facebook Group: 273 

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