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Hi, my name is Jac Bowie and I'm so pleased you've found my site!

Let me guess, you’re a savvy business owner and you’re amazing at what you do.
But what if I could show you how to master online marketing for your business in a few short weeks?

You’re a boss and there’s no question about it. You’re good at handling the day-to-days of your business, but there’s one thing that you’re still struggling with: marketing to your audience. You don’t want to just sell to potential customers.

No, you want to impact them in a positive way by being honest and real with them so you can build long, lasting relationships with them. Hey, it’s not your fault! You’re RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS!

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to market, or you just don’t know how to do it. You’ve probably tried to learn with all these “Quick and Fast” methods that people are always shoving in your face. If only there was a genuine PROVEN method that would help you reach more people.

Oh wait... There is!

It's not quick and fast, but it's EFFECTIVE, and that's what you need!

Are you ready to master the marketing ropes, but haven’t been able to take the leap?

Now’s your big chance. Don’t miss it.

Jac Bowie xx

Marketing Bootcamp is a self-paced, online course that's geared for small business owners and startups, that teaches you the exact skills, laser sharp strategies and action-based solutions I use in my business.

After 4 short weeks together, you'll  skyrocket your digital and social media confidence, help you get clear on your business vision and ultimately market your business like a boss.

Get to know Marketing Bootcamp's 8 Modules

It's best to get these things right from the start. In the opening module for Marketing Bootcamp, we go over the setup options for your business. We talk about the differences between a company, sole trader, partnership and joint venture.

We also teach you how to protect your business name and idea, in particular, copyright and trademarks. We'll also walk you through setting your business up on Google Suite so you have a slick set of branded email tools & other useful items like an online calendar and documents.

Everyone's got their own unique (or niche) offering. During this module, we help you not only figure out what that your unique offering is, but who are your unique clients, and where you can find them.

The days of worrying about how you can target the right customer will be way behind you, and you’ll soon be confident to target where they are hanging out.We are also going to show you how you can survey them to determine what they are looking for, and how you can deliver it for them. This survey will form the blueprint of your business plan for the year ahead.

Does your website looks like it was built on a free site builder in 1999? Don’t kid yourself and say it doesn’t matter. Customers are now extremely savvy when it comes to websites, and can easily be deterred by something that presents as a hack-job.

Wix sites, gmail addresses and a million mixes of fonts. It’s time to go. All it does is hard your brand and message.

I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune, but you’ve got to invest in the way you present online. It’s a powerful first impression that can make or break a clients view of you and your product.

In this module, we will go through all the best options on the market today, including WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Ontraport, Leadpages.

And what is the point of a beautiful site sitting there with no traffic? We’ll show you the BEST ways to drive traffic to your site, using SEO, blogging and some of the best advice we use ourselves that has increased our own web traffic by over 80% in a few short months.

Google changed it’s algorithms over 500 times in 2016 alone? We’ll go through the small, but big changes that affect how you turn up on the first pages of Google.

After this module you’ll feel confident making a decision about the best content management system for your business, maximising your content for Google and SEO in general and how to leverage your content for more engagement.

So you've got a great product, service or idea, but there is only one of you. How can we package this up to deliver over and over online, so you can put this content to use and make money while you sleep?

This module is designed to help you decide between building your own online course (like this!), email courses, events, webinars and touches on franchising your business model down the track

We’ll also hear from Zoe (the video confidence coach) about how to use video to deliver this content.

So we've talked about making a shiny new site, that attracts your dream clients, found out how to target them and get them onto the site, but now it’s time to sell.

In this module you’ll learn the basics when it comes to setting up an online store, maximising your product listings for SEO and how to take payments both online and on the go, and turn this model into a streamlined money-making machine.

We'll also cover bank accounts, basic accounting, and payment processing through tools such as PayPal, Stripe, Square and Zippay.

Understand the steps involved to create a successful sales funnel for your business, to help build your list and ultimately, more sales.

We cover list building basics, Facebook Ads & Custom Audiences, Webinars, my new favourite hack for Pinterest and opt-in offers.

You’ll learn my EXACT sales funnel that’s got me booked back-to-back with private coaching clients.

Social Media is all about engagement. Learn how to maximise your posts to increase your engagement and loyalty in your customer base.

Learn all my tried and true hacks that built me a huge following online, and created a dedicated community that buys from me, time and time again. We'll go in depth and talk about Facebook Live, the new Live Video Voting systems. Also delve deeper into why Pinterest is your next new favourite social media. Also turning Instagram followers into buyers.

In this final module we look at the best software and tools out there to help you bring all of these skills together, so you've got a clear way to run your business efficiently, and work smarter, not harder, to make the most of your time for maximum return in your business.

We’ll talk about time management, balancing your diary, managing your diary online and syncing everything to work together.

We'll incorporate some affiliate marketing into your offering, so aside from selling your products, you have other people selling it for you too, and you can make money off ads on your site. It's all income that should be coming your way.

Also includes these special bonus gifts


1 Complimentary private coaching session with Jac Bowie
24/7 support in our private student Facebook group.
Regular Q&A and Facebook Live office calls inside the group.
List of exact tools Jac uses in her business to automate as much as possible and present well online.
List of 140 Facebook Groups you can market your business to.
Business Plan builder to help map out your 12 month plan along the way.
Influencer Toolkit to sign up as Influencer and leverage your social media following into another revenue stream
Free highlight of you and your business in our weekly newsletter to 7k+ women in business

Hear from our latest graduates

Spreading myself thin across several businesses, I never felt like I was getting ahead with anything or able to take my business vision online. After working through Jac's Marketing Bootcamp, module by module, I finally feel like I can move ahead at rapid speed in all of my businesses. I love the fact in Jac's program you can repeat modules over and over again, giving you the opportunity to further cement the leanings through repetition. Thanks so much Jac.... the lightbulb is now on and I'm feeling more confident in my understanding of online business
Elise Frances
Travel entrepreneur, avid yogi and writer
I found the Marketing Bootcamp course content to be fantastic. Everything about online marketing is covered and then some! It is clear that the content has been carefully put together and whether you are a budding entrepreneur or you work for an SME or a large company - you will learn so much that you can implement for immediate results. The icing on the cake is trainer Jac Bowie who is such an engaging course trainer and business coach
Yasmin Lucien
Professional branding & social media consultant
Before Jac's kick-ass Marketing Bootcamp, I really struggled to grasp what marketing was all about - from strategy to taking that first step of action. Jac's Marketing Bootcamp through Flourish Coaching was a beacon of hope and pure inspiration.Unlike other online courses, Jac's presence and energy is the beating heart of all her modules and she has all the insider tips and tricks of the trade. Amongst many things I spun up my first WordPress site within a week of starting bootcamp and started my newsletter. Next step is taking my beta product to launch
Wendy Gallibu-Wang
Founder & Owner of Canto Bubs
I chose the Marketing Bootcamp course and coaching because I was impressed at what a creative go-getter Jac is. Her enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. I really liked the do-it- yourself technical parts of the course, though I liked even more all the tips on outsourcing and how to find good VAs to work with. Before the coaching I was struggling with "entrepreneur loneliness" and the group calls were of great help. I have experienced motivation to try new, bolder things and to finally expand my team to grow
Elba Horts
Elba Horta
Business Development Expert
Jac's course and private coaching have help me focus to create our direction, then get us 'out there' so people knew who we are and how we can help them, thus set up potential business for 2017. It's paying off with 5 new contracts for this year and more in the pipeline!
Leah Chandler
Leah Chandler
Founder & Owner of Kids-Fit Australia
Jac has been a brilliant business coach over the past 6 months, where I have needed her the most. Her technology knowledge is incredible and her diligent work ethics along with her attitude is one of a kind! I would highly recommend her or her courses to anyone
Chantelle Trebley
Founder & Owner of Alternative Body Works
I have been working with Jac in various capacities over the last few years. She is a talented business coach, content creator, radio host, franchise consultant...the list can go on and on. I have worked for Jac as a PR Consultant and have worked with one of Jac's ecstatic business coaching clients on her PR. I recently signed up to one of the Flourish Business Coaching courses which inspired me to finally set up a PR course of my own. I highly recommend Jac as a business coach!
Candice Magazines
Candice Meisels
Founder & Owner of Candice PR
Jac is a remarkable person, with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her gift is perseverance, passion and creative thinking, along with an innate ability to recognise trends and develop them into sound business strategy.
Diane Kennedy
Founder & Owner of Diane Penelope Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

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