How to Network Like a Ninja

You know it’s critical to your success, but are you doing it with forethought and a solid strategy in place, or do you just “wing it?” Admittedly, most of us are squarely in the winging it category, but there are some quick and easy changes you can make that will put even your most important […]

TIPS on Customer Service That Make Your Business BOOM

Customer service is the key to keeping your business bubbling along, without this important element supporting your business you will lose customers as quick as your attracting them. CUSTOMER SERVICE USES There are many ways that customer service grows your business its the human element of just wanting acceptance and become part of the community […]

Building Brand Loyalty: Turn Consumers Into Brand Advocates

It is often said that technology makes the world smaller, and indeed, with the power of connectivity we currently have, it does. However, the amount of competition is not made smaller by our connected world; if anything, consumers are able to connect to more brands and companies, increasing the competition for their business and loyalty. […]

Women in AFL a winner.

Even though living in Geelong sees us wildly passionate for our Geelong Cats, it seems women in AFL are also doing well and continuing to bring in the audiences, both live and on TV. When Collingwood and Melbourne recently played, a record 677,000 views were recorded across the five cities it was broadcast live to. […]