5 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

As a business professional you can get stressed out from the day to day operations of what it takes to run your business. There are so many Administrative tasks that you need to take care of that keeps you bogged down that can be delegated to a Virtual Assistant. Do you find yourself working in […]

Using Webinars to Generate Business Sales

Webcasting has become a very strong method of generating sales of your content, products and services. There are a number of webcasting services out there that you can obtain accounts through such as Onstream Webinars, WebEx, Webinar, Adobe Connect, ReadyTalk, also now Periscope (which is a mobile application for live broadcasting owned by and integrated […]

How To Share Your Content To Attract More Customers

Nowadays, to grow an audience on social media, it goes beyond posting information about your business or commenting on other posts. It is crucial for to have a proper sharing schedule that can help you double your traffic and provide valuable information to your audience. The main things to look at are: Where to share? […]

How to Take Your Brick and Mortar Business Online

    Bill Gates once said that in the future there will be two classes of business – namely, those that are online and those that are no more existing. The current trends in business cycles are proving this to be true with every passing day. More businesses are going online and increasing their profitability […]

What the hell is Tailwind, and how do you use it for Pinterest?

A few months back I finally started implementing a Pinterest strategy (I know, real late to the game.) Pinterest has always been a big driver of traffic to my blog and I knew it could drive a lot more if I just took the time to nurture it a little. I’ve already started to see […]

15 great online courses for online marketing

As we go live with our Marketing Bootcamp today, it’s given me an opportunity to think about the great courses I have done or come across online, that help online marketers and business owners. Here’s 15 of my favourites from Creative Live: Intro to VR & 360 Live-Action Photography and Video Smart PR for Artists […]

6 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs To Know About

It is good enough to say that mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and are necessary in the modern world. Smart marketers realise this and with the help of mobiles they have changed the realm of advertising. We have successfully bred a new generation of humans who are optimally utilising their […]

Building and Solidifying Your Relationships With Influencers

You have probably heard something about influencers. You may have some idea about what defines an influencer but your knowledge may not go beyond that. One thing that is very important to remember is that influencers are critical to the success of your business. The significance of social media influencers The first thing that you […]