Jac’s journey has been one filled with twists, turns and downright determination. As a single mother of two young children, she is living proof that you can in fact, have it all. Her deep desire to empower women to feel fabulous and confident enough to follow their dreams is the reason behind her latest venture, Business in Heels.

Founded in early 2013, Business in Heels has taken the business networking industry by storm with a winning formula that helps women connect and support each other – in business, health, relationships and every other aspect of their lives.

Business in Heels was developed to offer a refreshing alternative to business networking for women. No more formalities, name badges and long speeches. Business in Heels put the fun back into networking with bubbles, scrumptious canapés and desirable goodie bags filled with the things that women love.

What started as a Sydney-only community has grown rapidly into a franchise model that now spans 33 Branches across six continents. Each Branch event attracts between 40-90 savvy female business owners and numbers continue to rise month by month. The brand currently resides in Australia, USA, UAE, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa, with Branch applications coming in thick and fast from every corner of the globe.

Before embarking on her journey as an entrepreneur, Jac was director of the The Bijou Group, appointed to the advisory team for Sydney Mardi Gras and Producer of Short+Sweet festivals (the biggest little play festival in the world) in Sydney & Canberra.

In the knowledge that she had more to offer, a personal career talk with Sir Richard Branson in 2005 prompted her to utilise her skills and start a business around her early passion of Burlesque.

Jac went on to successfully build an empire around the old-fashioned art form of burlesque striptease and performance, producing a number of high profile events around the world, including Miss Burlesque International, The Burlesque Ball, The Ruby Revue and also bespoke events and entertainment for high-end clients. In building this business, Jac beautifully mastered the art of social media and went on to grow an army of loyal followers that today stand at almost 30,000 on Facebook and over 20,000 on Twitter. Add to that an email database of 50,000 subscribers and you have one media machine.

Jac’s work to date and her powerful offline and online presence has enabled her to add another string to her “Bowie”. Passionate about giving back, Jac was appointed an Ambassador for the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation – a new organisation established to help those who suffer from an extremely rare disease that affects one child in every 70,000. The disease does not yet have a cure and only limited palliative treatment currently exists. Medical research has recently offered promising hope of a breakthrough, with real hope for the future for those who suffer from it. Through the Business in Heels network, Jac Bowie works to proactively raise awareness and support of the Foundation and Sanfilippo. 


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