About Jac Bowie

Jac Bowie is an Australian entrepreneur, radio personality and digital marketing expert best known as the Founder of Business in Heels and earlier, a producer in the arts. She now helps other businesses with their online marketing.

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"Jac has been a brilliant business coach over the past 6 months, where I have needed her the most. Her technology knowledge is incredible and her diligent work ethics along with her attitude is one of a kind! I would highly recommend her or her courses to anyone"

- Chantelle Trebley, Alternative Body Works

"Jac is a remarkable person, with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her gift is perseverance, passion and creative thinking, along with an innate ability to recognise trends and develop them into sound business strategy."

- Diane Kennedy, Diane Penelope Design 

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Jac works with businesses of all kinds, whether it's building a new website, next level social media, creating your own podcast, she's got versatile experience in the online marketing space.